Book Chapters

“The Origin of Legibility: Rethinking Colonialism and Resistance among the Navajo People, 1868–1937”

Diné Perspectives: Revitalizing and Reclaiming Navajo Thought

Journal Articles

A failed green future: Navajo Green Jobs and energy ‘transition’ in the Navajo Nation,” Geoforum 88 (2018), 57-65

K’é, Hozhó, and Non-governmental Politics on the Navajo Nation: Ontologies of Difference Manifest in Environmental Activism

Public Research

(2016) I oversaw the research of the Diné Policy Institute that examined the Navajo Nation Council’s proposed “regionalization” initiative. We released two reports over the summer based on surveys and interviews with Navajo Nation chapter officials.

Local governance and reform: considering 20 years of the Local Governance Act Report 2

Local governance and reform: a conceptual critique of regionalization and the Title 26 Taskforce Report 1

(2008) I worked as a research assistant and was one of the primary authors in this report for the then Speaker of the Navajo Nation Council. My central contribution here was a consideration of constitutions within tribes.

Navajo Nation Constitutional Feasibility and Government Reform Project

(2008) I wrote a paper on the contradictions between uranium and coal development in the Navajo Nation. This paper explores the use of culture to support and ban extractive industries in the Navajo reservation.

On politics and organizing

In 2005 I was graciously invited to submit a letter about my activism and involvement in the fair trade movement. I wrote a letter explaining why I thought people should commit to buying fair trade goods and tried to hint at something of legacy of colonialism inherent in terms of trade.

Letters from Young Activists

In 2013 I was invited to write a letter to young people about doing work in tribal communities. My main point in this letter was to say that the political terrain in reservations is complicated and activists shouldn’t unknowingly side with one group over another without understanding its social, political, and cultural ramifications.

Stay Solid! A Radical Handbook for Youth